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Welcome 2015!  With the new year, I have some photography related goals I want to focus on.  Among other things, a few of them are…

(1) shoot more personal  projects- to shoot for fun, be creative and work on/strengthen skills
(2) take more photos of my family and loved ones and work on being IN more of our photos
(3) print more of our photos to display around my house and on the walls, instead of just taking them and leaving them sitting on my computer

Scrolling through Facebook a couple days into 2015, I came across this post of Fantastic Freckle Photos on Digital Photography School’s site.  Go take a look at these AMAZING photos and beautiful people.  Completely stunning.

Did you know that freckles can be found on anyone, no matter their genetic background, but the number of freckles is genetic?
I love how people are all so very different and unique, and freckles are just one of the many things that set people apart.

Sooooo, this brought me to my fist personal project of 2015.  I want to photograph FRECKLES!

Do you have freckles, or know someone who does?  If so, I want to take your picture!  Here’s the deal:
-Has to be scheduled between now and the end of March 2015 (unless you schedule a full session, the freckle images will only take a few minutes).
-Has to be at a location of my choice near me.
-Photos taken during the freckle session may be used for my portfolio, displays, publications and advertisements.
-You may choose your favorite image and I will send you the high res file via Dropbox (there are no substitutions or exchanges and no cash value).
-Additional items may be purchased separately at current rates.
-You must sign the standard Kristine Freed Photography portrait agreement along with a contract agreeing to the above terms.


Contact me through the ‘Contact’ link above or to schedule your freckle session.  Share this with friends and family who may be interested-  I’d love to capture as many as possible since there are so many variations!


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