Professional Headshots at Armature Works

Professional Headshots at Armature Works

uuummmm ya’ll- look at my sweet, beautiful niece. We did her professional headshots at Armature Works back in November. She’s the bestest dancer I know (currently dancing with both Disney AND Universal!), and will be using these headshots for auditions and new job opportunities. We had the most fun together and I love the shots we got in and around Armature Works! Hayley says she wasn’t worried about her session beforehand. I mean, how could you be when you’re this gorgeous and a natural in front of the camera??

Hayley’s favorite parts of our session/why she enjoyed her session: I just love working with you and, i may be a little biased but, i think you’re the best! 

Why she chose the outfits she did: I just wanted something casual and that showed off my best features! 

Some words of wisdom from Hayley for others preparing for a headshot session: Just be yourself, let go and have fun! 

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