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Family Film Sessions

I am now offering family film sessions!

How would you like to have a video of you and your family/kids enjoying something you like to do together? Tomorrow, and every day after, your kiddos are going to be that little bit bigger. Time moves way too fast and soon. Always remember your kid’s laugh when they grow up. Always remember how they talked or what funny words they said. Mom’s never see themselves interacting with the kids; they don’t get to see the way the kids look at them when they aren’t watching. Now you can! A film is a living breathing memory as compared to a visual memory. The movement and the sounds captures that little bit more than still photos. Have these recorded moments in your lives that will never come again, but that you can now hold onto forever!

It’s as easy as choosing an activity you and your family enjoy- whether it be in your home, or a meaningful location to you. I capture all the little details then put it together in a 2-4min film set to music that you will have forever to share and watch over and over again. 

In case you’re wondering- What do I do with a Family Film?

Below is just an example of a video I put together of my boys and our days.


Our days- The Freeds 2017 from Kristine Freed on Vimeo.


And here’s a promo video from the course I took to learn how to capture everyday events in film. 

I would love to capture your everyday on film for you!!! <3


Are you looking for Family Film Sessions? Contact me to learn about your own family film.


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